Brechtje Boeke is a documentary film production company that is based in Amsterdam. The world is Brechtje Boeke’s field and play-ground. In a multiple sense.

The owner that obviously carries the same name opened her eyes in 1982 and remained observing the world. Brechtje graduated at Leiden University in 2010 and holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology.


Brechtje specialized in Visual Ethnography. She researches, directs and is both known for filming and editing. A so called innovative intermediary, combining academic skills with creativity and an open visual attitude. This mixture brings a refreshing angle in data gathering, advocacy and outreach.

Working individually or in a small team, Brechtje creates closeness to her subject. Moreover it is the sincere approach and the relation that is being developed which provides clear and meaningful insight. Mutual understanding is reached on a local and global level.

Besides film making, and together with a small team, Brechtje Boeke organized for many years Cineblend. A monthly event with debating and screenings on current social and cultural affairs in our society. She recently initiated DUS. A multi disciplinary inspiration program in the Volkshotel. Furthermore Brechtje is a board member of Volunteer Correct. An non-profit organization that promotes transparency and accountability in international volunteering.